Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Born This Way

I'm sorry the world thinks we're not good enough.

I've felt pretty under attack these past few weeks. I'm feeling the vulnerability of standing under a bright spotlight waiting for the judgment of the audience. The powerlessness of allowing society to determine your worth. The heartbreak when you discover you'll never be good enough. The pain in knowing someone will always be better than you despite your efforts toward perfection.

I watched Casino Royale (Bond film) a while back and I felt awful after watching it. It wasn't the violence, it wasn't the torture scenes, I realized I felt awful about myself. Bond films are a great example of this feeling of vulnerability. All the women in Bond films are good for is sex, bring a pretty face, and being the useless damsel in distress. And that's all the world will ever see women for. We talk progression and new opportunities but the attitude hasn't changed. I hear it in every catcall, I see it in looks on men's faces in the darkness of loud parties, I observe it in conversations between other guys. Women are simply objects.

My lovelies, I'm sorry the world doesn't think you're worth it. I'm sorry you have to feel the vulnerability and hopelessness that comes with letting society decide your place. I'm sorry that you are the recipient of the pain that comes with living in a filthy world that is founded on impossible standards for perfection. I'm sorry that the world says you're not pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, kind enough, or whatever wild accusation the world is throwing at you.

You are good enough. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. You are PERFECT. You are exactly the way you're supposed to be and that should be good enough for anyone. You are worth it, you will always be worth it, and there is always someone who loves you. And even if you don't think so, I freaking love you, you sexy beast of a reader. ;)

If you're reading this, send a message or call someone who you think might need encouragement. Run to the next room and give your housemate a hug. Smile at a person who looks unhappy. You never know the battle destroying a person inside. If you're the one who's feeling this sadness, talk to someone who makes you happy. Cuz dang straight you have friends who love you. Go spoil yourself a little, even if it just means going to get a chocolate bar. Cuz darn freaking right you're worth it. Blast Britney Spears or Kesha or Journey to get empowered. Keep on dancing til the world ends, wake up feeling like P. Diddy, don't stop believing, and repeat. Cuz heck yes you look hot dancing like a maniac.

Above all, remember that you're never alone in the struggle. You have a fighting friend on the other side of this blog post who is hoping someone else can understand the battle. Everyone you talk to, even in passing, is fighting, even if it's a different level then you're at or against different enemies. Fight your battle in numbers, be supportive and never try to bring others down. You are stronger than the world and its inability to see your beauty and potential. You are absolutely wonderful.

If you have other helpful tidbits, please share. I know people out there are tougher fighters than I am! And honestly, I want some advice for myself.