Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to the Heist

Sorry for the very long silence in blog posts. I'm sure your lives are just absolutely shattered and that you can't go on any further. Here I am to save the day!! ;)

My inspiration for today's post comes from a rather strange source: Seattle rapper Macklemore. Whom I love to pieces. Seriously, I have never remotely loved rap before but Macklemore just might convert me. If you're wondering who this divine creature is, he is the artist behind the always delightful Thrift Shop song :) ANYWAYS, I was listening to our dear friend Macklemore while I was doing the dishes today and his song "Same Love" came on. Macklemore is a huge supporter of legalizing gay marriage and this was what the song was about. One of the lyrics in this song is "Here we go, America the brave, still fears what we don't know." Now I'm not going to talk about my stance on gay marriage because that's not what I want you to walk away from this post with. But these lyrics really stood out to me for some reason and it got me thinking: Is it a bad thing to fear what you don't know?

I recently decided to transfer out of BYU next fall. I am immensely grateful for the time that I spent at this school and I will always remember the experiences I had here. However, I've reached the decision that I need to go have other experiences at a different school and leave BYU behind. Since I've made this decision, it feels like nothing in life is stable. Everything in my life, from my job and my living situation to my future education plans,  has to change in just a few short months and I'm left in murky waters. I don't know A LOT of things at this point.

To answer the question then I would say it's not a bad thing to fear what you don't know. Just as the United States as a nation is unsure of gay marriage, I am unsure of where life is taking me in the next few years. The problem with fearing what you don't know is when that fear clouds your perceptions of the world. In the issue of gay marriage, perceptions are clouded when people take the opportunity to spread hate and violence across the nation directed at those that are gay. In my situation, my perceptions are clouded when I fail to understand why going to school is even important anymore.

Don't be afraid of fear. A good dosage of fear is healthy and keeps you alert, productive, and responsible. It helps you make informed decisions and helps steer you away from things that can be harmful. However, don't let fear shape how you see the world. In the wise words of Master Yoda, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” (Sorry the opportunity was much too perfect). Everything's going to be ok ladies and gents!! Even if it nothing seems to be working right now, everything will be put in its proper order if it is meant to be.

For your pleasure, please enjoy listening to the greatest 80s song in history. Stamp of approval from yours truly and my roommate Catherine.

Also enjoy this video of a guy smashing gallons of milk and juice on the ground. And have a lovely day.